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Fiaz Muhammad

Fiaz Muhammad
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Fiaz Muhammad

Senior Recruitment Consultant

​Medical Recruitment Employee 001 starting the journey through medical recruitment side by side with Dr Aslam, Fiaz is the very cornerstone of what LHL is today with our 4 core values shinning through. From a humble beginning and essentially "falling" into recruitment he has made the most of the opportunity that was put in-front of him. Having being awarded the "ASLAM AWARD" after the good doctor himself you can see why he is considered the prodigal son of LHL, willing to help everyone his heart is as big as the lion himself.

" I worked 4 jobs before falling into recruitment so I do not shy away from hard work and trust me medical recruitment is still the hardest role that I have done both mentally and physically BUT i can honestly say that it is the most rewarding job I have done. Hearing about making a difference to candidates and clients wellbeing is humbling and I pride myself on the feedback I receive from the nurses to not only make my company but my family proud too"

Specialising in

  • Nursing