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Ricky Russell

Ricky Russell
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Ricky Russell

Recruitment Consultant

​Without a strong background within Recruitment, Ricky has shown that you don't need to be from a recruitment background to be successful within the industry. Having a strong Sales Background, understanding of how to engage with people and communicate with others, and not forgetting a wiliness to learn he has shown that even people not from our sector can excel. With family ties to the NHS, patient safety is always at the forefront of his recruitment, and knowing about the candidate experience within the NHS has helped him built strong relationships with his candidates.

"Walking into a new industry/sector is always a risk but having a strong sales background within some of the hardest sectors has helped me a success within medical recruitment . Having family at the front line of the NHS I know how little time everyone has especially to answer calls from recruitment agencies, and that's why I will always ensure I do anything to accommodate my candidates. Thanks to the "Family" I have at LHL even an Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks"

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